Station Two Bond

To the Residents of the Burnt Hills Fire District:


In the spring of 2016 a building committee made up of Fire commissioners, members of the Burnt Hills Fire department and members of the general public residing in the Burnt Hills Fire District commenced a study of the future building needs of the District. Hueber-Breuer Construction Co. was retained to oversee the process based on their expertise in fire station construction.

After and extensive study period, which included four(4) public forums it was determined that station 2 needed to be replaced, and that a new station should be constructed on property donated to the Fire District on Charlton Rd.  The budget for the project based on preliminary drawings amounted to 2.6 million dollars.

In March of 2017 a referendum was held and the project was approved 166 to 36.  Competitive bids were requested in June 2017.  The bids received were in excess of $400,000 over-budget.  The bids subsequently were rejected.  With the thought that the timing was wrong, the project was put out to bid for the second time on October 2017.  Bids were returned in November 2017.  The bids received again were over $400,000 over-budget.  After thorough review, the decision was made to go back to referendum to increase the project budget to 3.2 million dollars.  The low bidders have agreed to hold their bids until the second bond vote could be held.

There were two (2) public forums held; December 5 2017 and December 19, 2017, to update the community on the efforts of the building committee.  The BHFD offers this project summary prior to the referendum in an effort to be transparent with the District’s voters.

The new referendum vote to approve the project budget of $3.2 million will be held 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 from noon – 9pm at Station #1